About us

Polish goose meat is organic meat of the highest quality. It will delight you with its taste, tenderness and softness, and above all it is recognized as healthy food.

Geese are bred exclusively on the green paddocks, meadows and pastures. Their meat is considered a unique product while its taste and health value are highly appreciated. Goose meat provides omega 6 acids and is a rich source of vitamins, proteins and minerals. Oat goose meat is very lean and contains CLA fatty acids which are capable of reducing body fat and improving metabolism. In fact, goose-breeding in Poland has a very long tradition dating back to the seventeenth century.


Forgotten until recently, goose meat is now back on the plates of Poles. It is number one for us and it is its highest quality that inspired us in the kitchen and suggested the idea to open Tłusta Gęś (Fat Goose) restaurant.
Tłusta Gęś is passionate about food and specializes in poultry dishes while using regional products.

It is a place for family, friends, and business meetings, where everyone will have a feast relishing delicacies prepared by our chef – Łukasz Wróblewski. Our specialties are: goose pate with onion jam and tartar sauce, dumplings with cranberry and duck filling, goose legs on buttermilk drop scones, and many others.

Only with us you can order a whole roasted goose, consume it inside the restaurant or take it away.